We are now the Outer Rim Garrison!

It’s official, we are now the Outer Rim Garrison of the 501st Legion!

If you are a 501st member or RL member, please visit our forums here.


Outer Rim Garrison forum is live for testing

Hi all, our Outer Rim GarrisonĀ members forum is now ready for staff testing. Please take a moment to register an account and check out the forums. This is only meant as a staff beta test, we’ll try to make any major changes before we go “live”.


Thanks, Terry

Welcome to the Outer Rim Garrison website!

Hello, and welcome to the web page of the Outer Rim Garrison, home of the 501st Legion in British Columbia Canada.

Please stay tuned as we continue to update this site.

For now, please follow our ORS Facebook fan page.




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